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These are excerpts from the original document as received by The City of Ormond Beach Fire Department from the ISO.

Credit for Engine Companies (Item 513):

For maximum credit in the Schedule you need 8 engine companies in service because of the basic fire flow and because of the size of the area served.  You have 4 engine companies in service.

Credit for Distribution of Companies (Item 561):

For maximum credit in the Schedule, all areas of the city with hydrant protection should be within 1½ miles of a fully-equipped engine and within 2½ miles of a fully-equipped ladder, engine-ladder, service or engine-service company; the distance to be measured along all-weather roads.  There were 1772 road miles in your city.  954 were beyond 1½ road miles from an engine company and 723 were beyond 2½ road miles from a ladder company.  4 additional engine company locations are needed.  The recommendations for the locations are in the area of Breakaway Trail & Tomoka Cove Way, in the area of Hall Dr. & Ocean Terr., in the area of Hand Ave. & Coolidge Ave. and the area of Granada Blvd. & Chelsea Place Ave.

Credit for Company Personnel (Item 571):

An increase in the on-duty personnel will increase the fire department credit by 0.5.  This credit takes into account the number of personnel you have on duty per day and the number of apparatus you have to staff.  You received credit for 13 personnel on duty per day to staff 4 engine companies and 1 ladder company.  For maximum credit in the Schedule 6 personnel are needed for each company.

As you can see we are (according to ISO) working well under their recommendations.
We are also at the bare minimum staffing for structure fires as stated by NFPA 1710.

The removal of Ladder 93 from service has already negatively impacted our EMS service.
Any reduction
in staffing now would provide unsafe working conditions for your firefighters and inadequate fire service delivery to you the citizens of Ormond.

Please contact your Mayor and Commissioners today and let them know you are not happy with the removal of Ladder 93 from service and that you will not accept any further reduction in your Fire Services.

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Updated 4/1/09

The Mayor and Commissioners still don't seem to understand the impact taking Ladder 93 out of service is to our level of service with regard to EMS calls. The Mayor keeps referring to the amount of fires the ladder responded to. He has never mentioned the impact with regard to EMS, though he has pointed out many times in the past that the majority of our calls are EMS.

The focus meeting resulted in the Mayor and Commission requesting the City Manager try to meet with other area managers to discuss possible consolidation of area fire departments to include EVAC Ambulance. This is not a new topic. It has been discussed and argued for over 20 years. It is not realistic to think that this idea will suddenly take flight.

Daytona Beach Fire Department is however taking a different and possibly more profitable approach. They have established a FIRE TRANSPORT program, and are currently seeking approval from the Volusia County Council for the permit necessary to implement this program. This is one option our city could explore. Especially if Daytona's program proves to be successful.
They have a website that details the information relevant to their program. It is very informative.
Click here to view Fire Transport website

Updated 2/12/09

We have added the direct quotes regarding staffing made by Mayor Costello and Commissioner Partington at the Commission meeting held on January 20th 2009.
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We have summarized the staffing literature that was prepared by Ormond's former fire chief. We have included in red italicized text how the excerpts relate to the service level decrease resulting from removal of Ladder 93 from service. The literature was written with regard to staffing reductions. However, much of the information correlates to the reduction of service we are currently experiencing. This is very informative reading. Please take the time to review it.
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We have also highlighted the excerpts within the original documents should you wish to see them in context.
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Some of the city leaders appear to be confused about what we are trying to accomplish with this effort.
Let us make this clear.
This union is simply making an attempt to inform you, the citizens of the changes that have and are taking place regarding the services of your fire department and how they impact you.
This is not about money, demotions, or power.
We are trying to maintain adequate emergency services to our city.
This local was the driving force behind the inception of providing EMS care to the citizens of Ormond Beach.
We are not willing to watch our efforts and the efforts put forth by those before us be thrown away.
Especially when it comes at the expense of the citizens of this city.

There were statements made that we are using scare tactics to strike fear into our citizens.
We never set out to scare anyone. We are merely trying to impart factual, unbiased information to our citizens.
The simple truth is this;
Going from five response vehicles to four is a reduction in the level of service provided to you, the citizens of Ormond Beach.
This reduction drastically increases the probability for extended response times for EMS calls which make up the vast majority of our responses.
It is simple math. Less vehicles responding to the same coverage area and the same number of emergencies can only mean decreased efficiency in handling call volume.
If this reduction is allowed there will be people experiencing longer waits for response to their emergencies, as our resources are stretched thin and reliance on outside agencies increases.

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Well, it seems that our city leaders can't make up their minds. Do they want to cut staffing or not?

As we stated before, on the 20th of January city leaders made statements concerning the option of buy-outs without replacement of personnel, lay-offs, or a combination of both.

Direct quote from Mayor Costello on January 20, 2009
Click here to listen to the audio clip of this statement (must have windows media player installed)
" I am for early retirement that eliminates positions. Let me make sure you're clear on that, eliminates positions. I don't want the union saying okay we're for early retirements but we expect you to go hire some new people. NO! I'm not for early retirements if you're expecting us to hire new people to replace them. We have to make some cuts "

Direct quote from Commissioner Partington on January 20, 2009
Click here to listen to the audio clip of this statement (must have windows media player installed)
"I knew we were going to the Quint concept. I knew we were reducing the department in size somehow. I'm not sure we're 100% sure how we're going to do that yet. Whether it's an early retirement or whether it's layoffs of some kind "

On Tuesday the 3rd, Commissioner Gillooly now states that the union should be happy that there has been no loss of personnel implying but not exactly stating that there would not be any.

Our current staffing levels under the Quint concept have two units manned with four personnel at all times. One of these is Rescue Engine 94 which is required to be staffed with four under our current structure per ISO. It is our belief that when the information is received from ISO it will show no impact to our rating if the fourth person on the second unit is not there. The city will then attempt to eliminate (at least) those three positions.
They keep saying no layoffs have happened and that right now they have no plans to reduce staffing, however the topic, as you can see above has been discussed.
The Quint concept has historically been implemented to aid municipalities in reducing staffing without impacting their ISO rating. This is what we believe is happening here in Ormond.


It does not consider EMS responses and does not evaluate EMS services at all. This is what the city seems to be overlooking. They keep stating there is no impact to our ISO rating. That does not mean that there is no impact to services.
The reduction from five units to four has been a negative impact to services, and will continue to be.

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Don't be misled. Your services have been reduced, and if staffing cuts are allowed on top of the already diminished services, the city will be left with very much substandard FIRE/EMS services.

Remember...If you ignore your emergency services they will go away.

If you have any questions or comments please click the following link to send us an email. info@iaff3499.com

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